These are some of the vegan menu items that were added to the list for the month of April 2018.

Keep checking back because this list is going to grow!

Pasta Sauces

vegan bolognese* sauce

vegan sausage* and spinach sauce

vegan meatless meatball* sauce

vegan mushroom cream sauce

vegan vodka sauce

vegan edamame pesto sauce

vegan traditional pesto


vegan gnocchi

vegan ravioli


vegan taco pizza

vegan sausage* and pepper pizza

Burger Menu

- all come with our house made vegan burger sauce, also house salad, french fries or rice and beans.

The Green Palate Burger*

The Impossible Burger

The Beyond Burger

The Gardein Burger


Caprese** salad with roasted red peppers

Desserts*** - all come with fruit

individual apple pie

individual key lime pie

individual mixed berry pie

individual blueberry pie

individual upside down apple pecan pie

individual pecan pie

chocolate peanut butter pie

chocolate peanut butter square

We support locally owned business first, and will always give credit where credit is due!

‚Äč*sourced from locally owned The Green Palate

** sourced from locally owned Wendy's Nutty Cheese

***sourced from locally owned For Goodness Cakes

April 2018

vegan menu additions

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